Great & small - here & demolished

Some 'great houses' and 'humble homes' feature here - do you have more information on any of these?

The Cottage Photo Gallery features cottages of Bracon Ash, some of which have now been replaced by modern houses. Do you recognise any of these? In which case we would like to know WHERE they are/were and any information about who lived in them. Contact us, please.

BRACON HALL - the manor house and home of Townsends, Berneys and other famous families.  Did Queen Elizabeth I stay in the predecessor to Bracon Hall (above) or in Mergate Hall (below)?

MERGATE HALL, home of the Appleyards and Kemps and a separate manor. Has anyone researched the house and its owners? If so, we'd love to hear from you!

BRACON LODGE, home of the Corboulds, Guerneys and others.

WOODLANDS, built in the 'back garden' of Bracon Lodge - more information needed on its date and owners.

HETHEL HALL, demolished around 1952 but with a history of illustrious owners and even housing a prep school for a time! The original hall was probably built for the Branthwaytes, lived in by the Beevors and demolished around 1830. the 'new' hall was owned by Guerneys and Boileaus before it fell into decline in the 1930s.

Home at HETHEL 'CAMP' may have been temporary housing but were much appreciated by those rehoused there and turned old USAAF accommodation into a thriving community.

You will find other houses under Farms and we will add more as we have the photos and information.